About Us

Yoursleep.in is a website with all your collective sleep snoozers. Anything you fathom under the sleep and relaxation radar, you can believe to find it here. We are specialists in creating the best mattresses, pillows, massage chairs and everything you can imagine, will help you find the perfect snooze. Sleep and relaxation ranks highest in our self care category. This was the driving force behind forming the yoursleep.in website. We deal with the highest level of comfort and care that can be offered to you at the best ever quality. 

Our team is located in Bangalore and works around the clock in helping you find the best ever products with the best of quality. Our team consists not only of product designers and sales but also product innovators and  creators who spend all of their time in understanding human sleep and relaxation behaviour and the various hurdles that can put your comfort off. We then use this research data to innovate and formulate some of the best technologies to help create product diversity that can truly relax and re-energise you. Our sleep support system not only limits itself to bedding and sleep essentials but also to accessories such as alarm cocks, throw pillows, bed linen and beyond. 

We are very passionate about sleep and relaxation and truly believe in sharing this joy of comfort and rejuvenation on a daily basis with our most valued resource – YOU. Together with the best technology and the highest quality, Yoursleep.in is your go-to destination for everything sleep and beyond. 

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