Top 10 Best Blankets For Winter In India To Help You Sleep Comfortably All Night| Product Reviews

An underrated and frequently overlooked piece of bed linen is the blanket. Along with protecting people from the cold during long winter nights, they embellish the room. Therefore, it is a must to buy good quality blankets before winter. But blankets come in various varieties. People who are confused about picking the right one for them need not visit numerous websites and search for hundreds of options in agony. This article has a compiled list of the finest and the best blankets for winter in India brands available in the market catalogued based on extensive research done through multiple sites and customer reviews.

Buying Guide

Blankets have been used by people for centuries. During the REM cycle, the core of the body lowers its temperature and would not be able to regulate its body. This is where blankets come into play. One of the first things to consider while buying a blanket is to decide on the type of blanket that suits a person’s needs. There are various kinds of blankets and comforters available in India including quilts, dohars, blankets, comforters, electric blankets, and duvets. Top blanket brands in India also come in materials like acrylic, chenille, cotton, satin, fleece, linen, microfibre, nylon, vellox, wool, and polyester. 

How to choose the best blanket in India for you?

While choosing blankets for winter in India, there are a few things that a person must consider including size, material, durability, colour and pattern of the blanket. Since blankets are not only used to cover a person’s body, but also to cover the bed, one must keep their bed size in mind while buying a blanket. If one wants to buy blankets especially for winters, then fleece, wool and microfibre are the best materials to go for. People should also keep in mind the finishing, price, colour, texture and pattern that compliments their bedroom while looking for a blanket.

1. Jaipur Textile Hub Blankets Best Desi Pick

The product quality is good, smooth, and is perfect for winter to snuggle.

2. Amazon Brand – Solimo Microfiber Reversible Comforter Blanket Best Overall Product

The blanket is of a nice quality the product is soft, comes in good bright colours, and is easily foldable.

3. Divine Casa 110 GSM Blanket Best Budget Buy

The feel of the material is soft and it keeps one warm in AC rooms and is a good value for money.

4. Selective Winter Heavy Quilt Best Pick for an Elegant Look

The blanket is affordable and worth the price. It gives the bed a royal look with its metallic colours and floral designs.

5. Cloth Fusion Glacial All-Season Bed Blanket Best Pick for Polar Fleece Fabric

The blanket is perfect for sleeping indoors or camping outdoors.

6. BSB HOME ® Flannel Blanket Best Travel Pick

It is easily foldable, compact and travel-friendly as it can fit into any travel bag. It is easy to maintain and machine-washable.

7. VAS COLLECTIONS® Woolen Blanket Best Compact Product

Vas Collections’ blankets are premium quality multi-purpose products.

8. Milano Home Reversible Luxury Winter Blanket Best Premium Pick

Both the pillowcases and the blankets are neatly stitched and are durable.

9. Cloth Fusion Pacifier AC Comforter Blanket Best Allergen-free Product

This blanket is perfect for everyday use due to its durability, securing loops and diamond finishing.

10. Expressions Double Electric Under Blanket Best Feature Pick

It is highly beneficial during the winter seasons as it keeps the bed warm through the night.

1. Jaipur Textile Hub Blankets

Rs.499 Rs.999
Best Desi Pick
Jaipur Textile Hub is one of the most well-known manufacturers, exporters and suppliers of blankets who showcase the Indian culture in their designs. This is a special single or double bed blanket made of luxurious mink which comes in vibrant colours and soothing styles to embellish any bedroom design.
10Expert Score

  • High-quality fabric
  • Effective even in cold winter 2-4°
  • Fade and shrink resistant
  • Travel-friendly
  • Highly durable material
  • Hand-wash only
  • Variation in dimensions and colour

 Special Features:

  • Double layer blanket
  • 100% microfiber polyester
  • Vibrant colours and styles
  • Feather-light softness and warmth
  • Simple but elegant designs

 Product Specifications:

  • Size: Single
  • Colour: Available in assorted colours
  • Fabric: Acrylic and polyester
  • Thread count: 410
  • Weight: 2.5 kg

Detailed Review

It keeps one warm and comes in nice colours. Minimal fleece is seen while cleaning. The length of the blanket is true to the one mentioned. The blanket is thick but lightweight up to 2.5 kg. There is minimal wrinkling observed after the wash. It allows for easy care and the blanket is hand washable. The bright colours make the room warm and festive.

2. Amazon Brand – Solimo Microfiber Reversible Comforter Blanket

Rs.1,699 Rs.3,000
Best Overall Product
A luxury blanket made by Solimo made from high-quality materials run through quality checks and design upgrades. The duvet blanket is affordable despite being premium quality and they are well suited for mild winters.
9.5Expert Score

  • Protects against allergens
  • The product is machine washable
  • Lightweight and everyday user-friendly
  • Good for value
  • Reversible sides
  • Poor stitching observed
  • Not suitable for too low temperatures

 Special Features:

  • It has a hypoallergenic filling
  • Machine stitched to ensure quality
  • 100% microfiber material
  • Rich and luxurious feel
  • Suitable for AC rooms

 Product Specifications:

  • Size: Single and double
  • Colour: Available in assorted solid colours
  • Fabric: Microfiber hollow siliconized polyester
  • Thread count: 200 GSM
  • Weight: 2.65 kg

Detailed Review

The product is super comfortable and the feel of the fabric is good. The size is big enough for a king-size bed. It is a great value for money and is highly recommended by thousands of users. It is suitable for machine washing and the colours do not fade.

3. Divine Casa 110 GSM Blanket

Rs.809 Rs.1,899
Best Budget Buy
Divine Casa provides Ultra-soft lightweight comforters of premium quality at affordable prices. The product is manufactured locally using the resources like non-allergic material and dyes available in India.
9.5Expert Score
Our Score

Place here Description for your reviewbox

  • Hand wash or Machine wash-friendly
  • Fabric does not shrink or fade
  • Affordable and good for value
  • Suitable for winter and summer
  • Reversible and multi-purpose use
  • Not suitable for very low temperatures
  • Mostly suitable for children and small beds

 Special Features:

  • Available in sizes for kids
  • Reversible prints
  • Functions as a comforter and duvet
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Shrink resistant fabric

 Product Specifications:

  • Size: Single and Kids 
  • Colour: Assorted colours and floral patterns
  • Fabric: Polyester, Microfiber
  • Thread count:120 GSM
  • Weight: 1.65 kg

Detailed Review

This blanket acts as a multi-purpose duvet, comforter and quilt. It can be used as a picnic blanket, sofa blanket, or a comfortable sleeping blanket. It is highly suitable for children and single beds. The floral patterns and colours are bright and do not fade upon washing. The material is of good quality and does not shrink even after multiple washes.

4. Selective Winter Heavy Quilt

Rs.1,699 Rs.3,999
Best Pick for An Elegant Look
Selective blankets are made from flannel and microfiber designed to protect a person from freezing winters. The blanket has an attention-grabbing ethnic pattern that is perfect to be given as gifts for anniversaries, weddings, engagements, or housewarmings.
9.5Expert Score
Our Score

Place here Description for your reviewbox

  • Suitable for cold weather
  • Royal colour selection
  • Good quality 100% microfiber
  • Affordable prices
  • Can be used as a quilt
  • No machine or hand-wash
  • Not available in a single size

 Special Features:

  • Especially for low-temperature areas
  • 5-inch thickness quilt
  • 100% ultra-micro fibre
  • Dry clean wash only
  • Attention-grabbing pretty-looking prints

 Product Specifications:

  • Size: Double
  • Colour: Brown, metallic wine, cherry red and rust
  • Fabric: Polyester microfiber
  • Thread count: 200-250
  • Weight: 3.9 kg

Detailed Review

A blanket made of excellent quality fabric which is perfect for heavy winters even when the temperature is as low as 10°. The material looks and feels soft, and beautiful. It provides warmth, is lightweight and is comparable with signature blankets. The finishing and the stitching are well done and it is easy to fold. It is packed neatly and it comes with a separate bag to store the blanket.

5. Cloth Fusion Glacial All-Season Bed Blanket

Rs.669 Rs.1,299
Best Pick For Polar Fleece Fabric
Cloth fusion provides superior quality bedding products that adhere to the high quality, luxury and comfort of its users. A polar fleece blanket is made of synthetic wool fibres that are known for being one of the warmest and softest fabrics that are lightweight and durable.
9Expert Score
Our Score

Place here Description for your reviewbox

  • Easy cold water machine wash
  • Extra-soft and comfortable
  • High durability
  • No shrinkage after drying and washing
  • Good economical option
  • Packaging might be poor
  • Plain colours, no designs

 Special Features:

  • The soft fabric is brushed on two sides
  • 100% polyester polar fleece blankets
  • Suitable for a king-size bed
  • 2-side brushed pile
  • Suitable for all seasons

 Product Specifications:

  • Size: Single and double
  • Colour: Brown, charcoal, navy blue, riviera
  • Fabric: 100% polyester polar fleece
  • Thread count: 250 GSM
  • Weight: 2.1 kg

Detailed Review

The blanket is extremely soft and comfortable to sleep in during cold nights. It works well for those who cannot sleep without a blanket but do not want a thick blanket that might be heavy. The size of the blanket delivered is satisfactory and can cover a whole double-sized bed. The blanket can be used to protect a person in temperatures as low as 15°C. The quality of the material, finishing and stitching is impressive.

6. BSB HOME ® Flannel Blanket

Rs.1,999 Rs.3,999
Best Travel Pick
The BSB Home is an established manufacturing and processing brand aimed at producing trendy bed sheets, blankets and comforters. This blanket gives the look and feel of real fur and comes with a throw blanket that is suitable for bed, travel, office and sofa.
9Expert Score
Our Score

Place here Description for your reviewbox

  • Bag available for storage
  • Vacuum packed delivery
  • Ultra-soft fabric and very warm
  • Compact and travel-friendly
  • Premium quality at affordable prices
  • Not suitable for temperature less than 10°
  • Solid colours with no patterns

 Special Features:

  • Breathable, anti-pill and anti-fade fabric
  • Comes with a throw blanket
  • Light-weight and soft flannel tops
  • Double-sided blankets
  • 100% microfiber 

 Product Specifications:

  • Size: Single and double
  • Colour: Assorted solid colours
  • Fabric: Polyester and microfiber mink
  • Thread count: 250 GSM
  • Weight: 1.7 kg

Detailed Review

The blanket has the softest, cutest and lightest feel to it. It warms the user within a few minutes, sometimes quicker than other mink blankets. The fabric is of good quality and it has got an elegant look and luxurious feel to it. It can be used in AC rooms and during mild winters.

7. VAS COLLECTIONS® Woolen Blanket

Rs.549 Rs.1,999
Best Compact Product
The blanket is made in India using locally available resources and it is perfect for bed, sofa, outdoor, camping, survival and emergency preparedness use.
9Expert Score
Our Score

Place here Description for your reviewbox

  • Naturally static and fire-resistant
  • Effectively regulates body temperature
  • Thick, heavy-duty, durable and long-lasting
  • Non-scratchy, odour-free material
  • Light-weight and travel-friendly
  • Limited colours available
  • Not suitable for very cold climate

 Special Features:

  • Premium quality loom-woven wool
  • Ruggedly designed for heavy-duty
  • Provides warmth when wet
  • No dye or fire retardant added
  • Suitable for temperature 10°-22°C

 Product Specifications:

  • Size: Single
  • Colour: Charcoal grey
  • Fabric: Wool and acrylic
  • Thread count: 350 GSM
  • Weight: 1.4 kg

Detailed Review

The blanket is made of heavy-weight wool, which keeps the user warm in the heavy winter. It can be preferred to use in both indoor and outdoor camping. It is suitable to use under 10 ° – 22 ° C. The blanket is easy to use and it is hand or machine washable.

8. Milano Home Reversible Luxury Winter Blanket

Rs.2,999 Rs.6,000
Best Premium Pick
Milano home is a manufacturer that brings elegant, beautiful, comfortable and environmentally-friendly home products. These premium blankets are tested for quality and fastness following international standards and they are good for one’s health.
8.5Expert Score
Our Score

Place here Description for your reviewbox

  • Life-time free customer service
  • Good quality fabric
  • Smooth texture against hair and skin
  • Great value for the price
  • Reduces hair fall caused by friction
  • No zip in the pillow cover
  • Slightly expensive

 Special Features:

  • Front- 100% polyester, back-100% cotton
  • Satin hypoallergenic sheen fabric
  • Prevents hair breakage, loss
  • Breathable-fabric retaining skin moisture
  • Includes pillow covers

 Product Specifications:

  • Size: King blanket
  • Colour: Assorted solid colours
  • Fabric: Polyester, cotton
  • Thread count: 200 GSM
  • Weight: 3.2 kg

Detailed Review

The blanket has a minimalistic design and a neat finish. The fabric is light, smooth and has a good appearance. The smooth texture of the polyester satin blanket reduces frizziness and hair fall. It is a great alternative to the expensive silk blankets but with similar high quality. It has a good selection of colours that complement different rooms. Blankets must be washed with cold water and high-quality detergents.

9. Cloth Fusion Pacifier AC Comforter Blanket

Rs.1,749 Rs.2,999
Best Allergen-free Product
Cloth fusion is a home furnishing manufacturer that aims to provide products that create good memories and satisfaction for the customers.
8.5Expert Score
Our Score

Place here Description for your reviewbox

  • Suitable for heavy winter
  • Soft and lightweight
  • Reasonably priced for the quality
  • Comes with a cover and handle
  • The feel of the fabric is great
  • Colours slightly different
  • Folding can be difficult

 Special Features:

  • Allergen-free- Hypoallergenic filling
  • Reversible comforter
  • Diamond stitching for durability
  • 6 secure loops
  • Rich luxurious feel

 Product Specifications:

  • Size: Double
  • Colour: Assorted front and back colours
  • Fabric: 100% polyester microfiber
  • Thread count:200 GSM
  • Weight: 2.7 kg

Detailed Review

The blanket comforter is ultra-soft making it an excellent alternative to traditional blankets and comforters. It is great for people with allergies and other sensitivities. The blanket design enhances the decor of the bedroom. It is available in multiple colour options. The blanket can be easily cleaned using dry cleaning.

10. Expressions Double Electric Under Blanket

Rs.3,199 Rs.3,899
Best Feature Pick
Expressions have provided a range of easy-to-use bed warmers with a mission to reach every household in India and keep them warm without the use of heavy multi-layered fabrics. This electric blanket allows a person to climb into a warm bed despite the surrounding temperature and helps alleviate discomfort, muscle ache, and pain.
8.5Expert Score
Our Score

Place here Description for your reviewbox

  • Reduces stress and soothes muscles
  • 10-hour safety auto shutdown
  • Very low wattage use
  • Overheat protection
  • Good quality fabric and finishing
  • Restarts at maximum heat setting
  • Requires two electric plugs

 Special Features:

  • Under-bed warmer blanket
  • His and her dual controls
  • Remote control
  • Safe and warm low wattage technology
  • 3 Temperature settings

 Product Specifications:

  • Size: Standard double
  • Colour: Off white brown
  • Fabric: Polyester
  • Thread count: 350 GSM
  • Weight: 1.9 kg

Detailed Review

It provides good heating and is large enough to cover a standard double bed. It consumes power as low as 50 watts. It helps the body relax by providing proper insulation in comfortable fabric. The heating works for hours and has an automatic 10-hour switch-off function. It has a mechanism to lose excess heat and hence it is safe with no worry of fire or electric shocks.

Blanket Care And Maintenance

Most of the best blankets for winter in India are washable by machine or hand, including some woollen blankets. To ensure that they are washed properly, one must make sure that they fit inside the washing machine. It is recommended to remove all the stains and treat spots before washing and use cold water along with detergent for the wash. Electric blankets must not be dry-cleaned since the chemicals might damage the wiring. To ensure that they last longer, the blankets must be put in a medium heated dryer instead of a hot dryer along with liquid softeners or sheet softeners.


  1. How does one determine the quality of a blanket?

The product details describing the features, return policy, the warranty, along with the customer reviews provided by long time users are some of the best ways to determine the best blanket brands in India. Apart from this, one can determine its quality by seeing if it stays tight and sturdy when they pull on the blanket. 

  1. Why are fleece and wool blankets warm? 

  The material fleece contains a layer of fabric on both sides which allows for the blanket to stay soft and retain more heat. Wool, due to its natural heat-insulating properties is considered the most efficient material for making blankets. 

  1. How to prevent blankets from shedding? 

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions while washing the blanket. Be sure to use cold water and light detergent while cleaning the blanket by hand or in a gentle cycle. 

  1. Does wearing a blanket help with better sleep? 

A blanket creates its microclimate that is warmer than the surroundings, under the skin. This traps the body heat and triggers the body and the mind’s sleep response relatively faster. Doctors suggest weighted blankets to help people with insomnia and anxiety.

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