Best Leg Massager Machines in India

Using a leg massager machine is the best way to give your legs a much-needed break. 

Every day, we use our legs to move around. Some movements are more intense than others. When this is done repeatedly and for long hours, the muscles in the legs become tense. 

They start to cramp and even get swollen sometimes. A simple and great way to fix this is by getting a leg massager machine. As the name implies, these machines massage your legs to help alleviate pain, release tension and also promote blood circulation. It is a device that everyone should have after a long day at work. 

This is why I have compiled a list of 10 best leg massager machines in India. Any of these picks is sure to leave you (and your legs) satisfied. 

1. Lifelong’s Electric Leg Massager Machine

Lifelong’s face massager is an elegant and compact device
Rs.12,123Rs.39,500 Buy this item Read full review

2.  JSB's Leg & Foot Massager with 3 Vibration Modes

Vega is one of the leading companies in the beauty accessory industry in India.
Rs.12,999Rs.21,500 Buy this item Read full review

3. Quantico's Reflex 6-in-1 Foot & Calf Massager

This product is an amazing facial cleanser and massager
Rs.9,999Rs.33,999 Buy this item Read full review

4. Robotouch's Ortholite Leg Massager with 5 programs

TOUCHBeauty is dedicated to providing simple but reliable and highly effective beauty accessory products.
Rs.10,210Rs.24,955 Buy this item Read full review

5.  JSB's Shiatsu Leg Massager with Heat Function

With 5 Gear Adjustment Vibration modes, this is certainly one of the best face massagers in India. It is even the best gift you can get for yourself and your loved ones. 
Rs.11,999Rs.38,000 Buy this item Read full review

6.Dr. Physio's Electric Air Compression Leg Massager

If you’re looking for a product that features both facial and body brush, then this product is for you.
Rs.14,015Rs.19,500 Buy this item Read full review

7. HealthSense's Leg Massager with Four Grade Massage

This is certainly one of the best face massager machines in India and is exclusively designed to take care of normal skin.
Rs.11,999Rs.38,000 Buy this item Read full review

8.  Legs Beautician Foot & Leg Massager 

This electric facial cleanser has an elastic silicone brush that gently cleans your skin while also relaxing the facial muscles.
Rs.17,999Rs.34,500 Buy this item Read full review

9. HealthSense's Leg & Foot Massager with 6 Strengths

Weltime’s face massager is designed to give an intense but gentle exfoliating and massage experience.
Rs.13,999Rs.29,999 Buy this item Read full review

10.  Robocura's Cosset Xe Leg Massager Machine

It is one of the best and high frequency vibrations massager for the face .
Rs.26,550Rs.29,500 Buy this item Read full review

1. Lifelong’s Electric Leg Massager Machine 

Rs. 12,123 Rs. 39,500
It is also easy to maintain because of its powerful copper motor and removable washable fabric. It comes with a 1-year warranty and an additional 6 months warranty on registration.
10Expert Score

  • Has a portable handle which makes it easy to carry around
  • The massager can be adjusted and reclined while sitting
  • The fabric cover can be easily removed and washed
  • You can customize the massage mode
  • There are seven massage modes designed to meet your needs
  • The massage is gentle but effective
  • There is no heat feature but the fabric and vibration modes keep your feet warm. 

 Special Features:

  • Helps alleviate pain
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Relieves muscle tension
  • Has 4 kneading disks for a thorough massage
  • Strengthens the muscles

Detailed Review

With 7 amazing massage modes and 4 flexible kneading disks, Lifelong’s leg massager easily provides a professional and spa-like massage to your feet, ankles, calves, and legs. The massage modes include Kneading, Acupoint, Shiatsu, Scraping, Rolling, Calf, and Vibration. 

These, along with the time, are displayed on a clear LED screen with a touch button for easy access. The device is designed to stimulate the vital pressure points on the soles of your feet to alleviate pain and improve blood circulation. 

For a better experience, you can customize the device’s operations. You can choose what part of your leg or foot you want to massage and also the vibration speed.

2. JSB’s Leg & Foot Massager with 3 Vibration Modes

Rs. 12,999 Rs. 21,500
effectively massage your feet and calves simultaneously. It features 3 modes of vibration and 3 modes of kneading
9.5Expert Score

  • You can choose from 3 modes of vibration and 3 modes of kneading for a more precise action
  • It is integrated with three speed levels which lets you customize your massage
  • The vibration system is gentle enough for old people
  • Ideal for leg slimming and fat reduction
  • Consumes a minimal amount of energy
  • Reclined and used at different sitting positions
  • Does not provide maximum coverage for tall people. It is better suited for people with a height below 5'7".

 Special Features:

  • Helps promote blood circulation
  • Alleviates foot and calf pain
  • Treats varicose veins
  • Relieves muscle tension
  • Has rubber knead pads for effective massage

Detailed Review

There is also a reflexology foot plate that relaxes and alleviates any pain on the soles of your feet.

This machine is helpful in promoting blood circulation, treating arthritis, varicose veins, diabetic foot, foot pain, and calf pain. The vibration system is gentle but highly effective. For your convenience, the massager can be reclined up to 45 degrees. 

There’s also the auto-shutoff feature which lets you set the time frame of the massage to 15 minutes, after which, it goes off. Although it is a powerful machine, it is environmentally friendly with low power consumption. JSB offers a 1-year warranty on this product.

3. Caresmith’s Ultrasonic Face Massager 

Rs. 9,999 Rs. 33,999
It has a sturdy build and a stunning silver finish. Its built-in handles allow for easy portabilit
9.5Expert Score
Our Score

Place here Description for your reviewbox

  • Improves sleep quality
  • Relieves muscle fatigue
  • Boosts the body's immunity and resistance
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Elevates your state of comfort 
  • The massage area is a bit large, hence, it is more effective for people with average or big-sized feet. 

 Special Features:

  • It has a good build and has non-skid protectors to keep it in place 
  • It has a heating function which provides more comfort and also promotes blood circulation
  • The vibration is gentle but deeply penetrating
  • It has a 15-minute timing function which is convenient and reduces power consumption 
  • The rollers provide a powerful under-foot massage which instantly reduces pain and tension

Detailed Review

The onboard control panel is also easily accessible and simple to use. For maximum coverage, it has an extended height of 50cm.

Its star technology feature is the patented figure-6 technology which gives the best massage by emulating the techniques of expert massage therapists. It massages the calves in an upward motion which results in better blood circulation from the feet towards the center of the body. 

This reflexology massage promotes the body’s natural healing ability. This massager has powerful rollers and attachments which deliver a robust massage. The massage actions include kneading, foot scraping, rolling, shiatsu, foot side 3D massage, and calf 3D massage. 

There is also a smart timing function which lets the massager shut off automatically after 15 minutes. You don’t have to worry about falling asleep and wasting electricity.

 4. Robotouch’s Ortholite Leg Massager with 5 programs

Rs. 10,210 Rs. 24,955
This has a rather unique double-cut design with a homey look and warm brown color
9.5Expert Score
Our Score

Place here Description for your reviewbox

  • Multiple massage programs and combinations to choose from
  • It provides maximum coverage of the legs
  • The massager can be adjusted between 0-90 degrees
  • The kneading cloth is removable and easy to wash
  • The strength of the massager can be easily adjusted and made suitable for even old people or those with diabetic foot
  • The product didn't have any cons worth mentioning

 Special Features:

  • It stimulates the acupressure points of the soles
  • Helps tone the legs and calves
  • Provides relief from stress
  • Has heating function for thermal therapy
  • Provides immediate relief from pain and soreness

Detailed Review

The massager uses a combination of kneading techniques, foot rollers, and heat therapy to provide the ultimate massage experience. 

It also features 3 speed adjustments, 5 massage programs, and 17 different combinations. This means you can easily customize your massage according to your needs. 

This machine uses an airbag/air pressure technology which gives a soft but in-depth stimulation of the acupuncture points. 

The airbags provide a squeezing effect which helps relieve muscle tension and also tone the legs and calves. It has a far-infrared heating feature that works with the powerful rollers to provide immediate relief from pain and stress. 

5. JSB’s Shiatsu Leg Massager with Heat Function

Rs. 11,999 Rs. 38,000
 It has a sleek design, user-friendly features, and also gives the user maximum customization capacity
9Expert Score
Our Score

Place here Description for your reviewbox

  • Has an innovative design for full leg massage
  • Helps in fat reduction
  • Heating function provides more comfort
  • Reduces swelling in legs
  • Provides relief from tight muscles
  • The machine is heavy and has no wheels for easy mobility so it's advised to place it in a permanent and comfortable spot

 Special Features:

  • The control panel is easy to use
  • It has a black color which blends well with any interior
  • The cut-out part of the massager is foldable up to 110 degrees, making it suitable for knee and thigh massage
  • The reflexology rollers are powerful but easy on the feet
  • You can easily adjust the intensity level of the massager
  • The airbag massage gives a soothing vibration which relieves tension

Detailed Review

It has a cut-out design that allows for full leg coverage. 

You can adjust it to massage your knees and even your thighs. It features an airbag compression massage and reflexology rollers that work simultaneously to provide a soothing massage. The air pressure is useful for leg slimming and fat reduction. 

The vibration and heating functions are useful in treating arthritis, tight muscles, frequent leg pains, and varicose veins (under a doctor’s supervision). It is also recommended for old people with low blood circulation and diabetes. The product comes with a 1-year warranty.

6. Dr. Physio’s Electric Air Compression Leg Massager

Rs. 14,015 Rs. 19,500
 This is because of its wrap design. It has two fully adjustable Velcro wraps which feature an impressive air compression pressure technology. 
9Expert Score
Our Score

Place here Description for your reviewbox

  • Highly effective at treating leg edema and restless leg syndrome 
  • Reduces swelling
  • Relieves fatigue and pain 
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Provides utmost comfort with its convenient wraps and handheld controller
  • The pressure is a bit intense so it is better suited for younger people and those with no serious injuries 

 Special Features:

  • The massager is designed to be used on different body parts including your arms
  • The velcro wraps are flexible and have a wide coverage of 22 inches
  • It is easy to carry around and use wherever you go
  • It comes with useful accessories such as an adaptor and air pipes 
  • It has a handheld controller which makes adjusting the intensity level and massage mode really convenient

Detailed Review

These wraps have a maximum circumference of 22 inches. They inflate and use air pressure to deliver a relaxing massage. Because of its design, it can be used anywhere and also fit nicely in a bag. 

The massager features different modes, time settings, and pressure regulator. It has a standard 15-minute auto shut off feature but the duration can be customized. It also has a handheld controller which makes customization of the modes a lot easier and comfortable. The massager comes with an adaptor for power supply and air pipes for connecting the cuffs and controller. 

7. HealthSense’s Leg Massager with Four Grade Massage

Rs. 11,999 Rs.38,000
This leg massager is built with sturdy heavy-duty ABS material which ensures high durability. Although the material makes it bulky, there are wheels attached to the bottom of the massager for easy mobility.
9Expert Score
Our Score

Place here Description for your reviewbox

  • Alleviates chronic leg pain
  • Provides a deep massage
  • Give a rejuvenating spa experience
  • Stimulates the pressure points all over your leg and foot
  • Helps relieve stress
  • The machine is expensive but is worth the cost

 Special Features:

  • The massager can be adjusted up to 140 degrees for knee massage
  • It has a spacious cushion which covers the leg from sole to knee
  • There is a convenient side grip handle
  • The fabric liners are removable and easy to wash and maintain 
  • The heating option gives a warmer and more relaxing massage
  • It is equipped with a deep kneading mode that is very relaxing and can relieve chronic pain

Detailed Review

With these buttons, you can power on/off the machine, change the massage intensity, activate infrared heating, choose the predefined massage mode, and turn on/off the vibration and knee massage

It offers a four-grade massage which includes:

  • Compressed Air Pressure Massageit has a squeezing action which helps relieve tension in the legs
  • 3D Kneading Massage – specifically designed to care for the calves. It uses a rotating roller for an effective massage
  • 3-in-1 Foot Massage – this combines vibration, reflexology, and acupressure to relax the feet and promote blood circulation
  • Far Infra-Red Heating Massage – this keeps your legs warm while the massage is going on. It provides extra comfort and faster relief from pain and tight muscles

8.Legs Beautician Foot & Leg Massager 

Rs. 17,999 Rs. 34,500
 It features a switch panel that has strategically located buttons for easy control of the massage function. There are 3 settings each for foot massage, calf massage, and vibration intensity. 
8.5Expert Score
Our Score

Place here Description for your reviewbox

  • Has strong kneading action for deep penetration into the muscles
  • Helps tone and beautify your legs
  • Skin-friendly fabric
  • Removes makeup residues and excess oil
  • Elastic silicone brush is suitable for sensitive skin
  • Comes with a classy travel-friendly storage case
  • The product didn't have any cons that are worth mentioning 

 Special Features:

  • The kneading discs are designed to massage your feet, calves, and ankles at the same time
  • It has 3 settings for foot massage and 3 settings for leg massage
  • The combination of the kneading and vibratory actions gives you a professional massage experience
  • The fabric covers are detachable and easy to maintain
  • It has a standard 15-minute auto shut-off feature 

Detailed Review

It has flexible kneading discs with strong action that penetrates deeply into the muscles of your feet, ankles, and calves. The vibratory action also helps give you a revitalizing massage experience. 

You can enjoy an uninterrupted massage for 15 minutes straight, after which, the device will automatically shut off and will need to be restarted to continue. This is a great economical feature as it prevents high power consumption. 

9. HealthSense’s Leg & Foot Massager with 6 Strengths

Rs. 13,999 Rs. 29,999
It is designed to allow a 90-degree free adjustment which makes it easy for the machine to cover your feet, calves, and even thighs. It features 6 strengths, 5 massage programs, 16 airbags, and 30 combinations. 
8.5Expert Score
Our Score

Place here Description for your reviewbox

  • Stimulates acupressure points
  • Provides an extensive massage
  • Helps improve metabolism
  • Accelerates blood circulation
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Not many drawbacks are found

 Special Features:

  • It has a nice build and is lightweight
  • It offers a variety of programs and combinations to choose from
  • It is easily adjustable and can effectively massage your thighs too
  • The heating option works excellently and instantly reduces fatigue
  • The machine has a voltage and overheating protection
  • It has an accurate weighing scale

Detailed Review

You can easily select and customize your preferred strength and program for a more precise massage. The airbags effectively massage your legs and help stimulate acupuncture points. The machine uses a foot scraping and calf-gliding technique to emulate traditional reflexology massage. 

There is also a far-infrared heating option which helps keep the legs warm and helps reduce fatigue in the process. For safety and improved longevity, it comes with an overheating protection feature. HealthSense India offers a 1-year warranty with a collect and return policy on this product.

10. Robocura’s Cosset Xe Leg Massager Machine

Rs. 26,550 Rs. 29,500
It is compact and saves a lot of space. It features 3D airbags that massage your calves and soothe the muscles. 
8.5Expert Score
Our Score

Place here Description for your reviewbox

  • Soothes frazzled nerves and muscles
  • Promotes better blood circulation 
  • Helps treat arthritis
  • Strengthens the muscles 
  • Has a slimming effect on the legs
  • Helps tone and shape calves
  • The machine has no cons that are worth mentioning 

 Special Features:

  • The machine can be folded and save space in your home
  • The deep shiatsu mode gives an intense and rejuvenating massage
  • It is ideal for all age groups
  • It has a detachable and washable cover
  • It not only relaxes your legs but also helps tone your calves and reduce fat

Detailed Review

For a deep and effective massage, the machine combines rolling, shiatsu, vibration, air pressure, and heat functions. It also has a vibrating stepper which helps tone your calves and slim your legs. 

Because of the foldable design, the massager comes with dual operating panels which makes it convenient to choose a massage program whether the cover is opened or folded. The fabric has a zipper that can be opened for proper cleaning. The Cosset Xe comes with a one-year national warranty.

What is a leg massager?

A leg massager is a machine that is specifically designed to bring about pain relief and muscle relaxation in the foot, ankle, and calf. It is a convenient device that mimics the techniques and movement of expert massage hands to give one a deep but gentle massage. A leg massager has kneading discs/pads and a vibratory action that takes the massage a step further to help promote blood circulation, treat arthritis and varicose veins, and alleviate other aches or tension in the legs. 

10 Benefits of A Leg Massage

While the main aim of getting a leg massage is to feel relaxed and rejuvenated, it also has some significant health benefits. When done right, it can improve the quality of your life and make you more productive. 

Here are 10 amazing benefits of a leg massage:

  1. Relaxation

One of the best ways to relax after a long day is by getting a nice leg massage. This immediately provides a soothing and “freeing” effect. 

A leg massage is highly effective at relieving stress and fatigue. It also gives you a little boost of energy and improves your mood.

  1. Alleviates Pain

It is normal to experience pain in our legs, especially after standing for too long or walking around a lot. Your feet get sore and feel like they would fall off any second. 

A leg massage does a great job of relieving pain and soreness in the legs. In fact, by using reflexology techniques or rollers, a leg massage can help alleviate pain in other parts of your body too. By stimulating the right acupressure points, it can also help treat back pain, neck pain, and even migraines.

  1. Improves Blood Circulation

Using a particular body part on a regular basis is not the same thing as exercising it. This is why even though we use our legs every day, the muscles will remain stiff and impair blood circulation unless they are massaged or deliberately exercised. Wearing tight shoes also hampers blood circulation in the feet. 

A leg massage helps improve blood circulation within the leg and also body. Good blood circulation promotes the transportation of oxygen and other nutrients to the body’s cells, which significantly improves your overall health.

  1. Helps Treat Edema

Edema is a very common condition in pregnant women. It is a swelling that occurs in the feet and ankles due to fluid retention. A gentle foot massage, coupled with enough rest and a healthy diet, will help alleviate Edema. 

It should be done on a daily basis by a professional or a leg massager machine. 

  1. Promotes Better Sleep

It is difficult to sleep well when you are tensed and stressed out. Getting a leg massage just before going to bed can help you sleep better. It will help soothe and relax your nerves, relieve tension, and improve blood circulation. All of which will help promote a better sleep cycle. 

  1. Lowers Blood Pressure

Stress is one of the major causes of High blood pressure or hypertension. It is a dangerous condition that can be fatal if not properly managed. A 10-15 minute leg massage session at least 3 times a week goes a long way in lowering blood pressure and improving one’s health and mood. 

  1. Postural Alignment

Soreness, pain, and muscle tension in the legs can lead to postural misalignment (bad posture). A leg massage helps reduce pain in the hip region, lower back, and legs. It also removes blockages and tension. This makes the body more flexible and allows it to position itself in its right form. 

  1. Reduces the Effect of Depression 

Leg massage serves as an effective way of reducing the effects of depression and anxiety. Reflexology, in particular, helps relieve symptoms related to pain and sadness. 

Certain points on the soles of our feet are associated with emotional stability. For instance, applying pressure to the point in the center of your big toe or under it can help relieve symptoms of depression.

  1. Strengthens Feet and Ankles

Massaging the feet and ankles not only helps with pain but also strengthens the muscles. It helps speed up the healing process of existing injuries and also prevents future injuries. When the feet and ankles are strengthened and more flexible, they can withstand more pain and stress. 

  1. Treats Restless Leg Syndrome

Restless leg syndrome is a neurological disorder that causes random and often unpleasant sensations in the leg like pulling, shaking, and throbbing. This usually causes difficulty in sleeping.

A leg massage helps calm the nerves and make them more stable. However, you should note that it is not a substitute for therapy or medications prescribed by your doctor. It serves as a temporary fix and can help you sleep better if done right before going to bed.

How to Buy A Leg Massager?

There are so many makes and models of leg massager machines on the market. They all vary in design, special features, massage modes, and even uses. To ensure you get the best leg massager for you and your family, there are some important factors to consider. 

Factors to look for when buying a foot massager:

  1. Design

The design of the leg massager will determine how convenient it would be to use. Some leg massagers can be easily adjusted and used comfortably while sitting or even laying down. The design will also determine the range of the massager. A good leg massager will be able to accommodate your feet, ankles, and calves. However, there are some leg massagers that are designed with a cut-out head which allows it to be adjusted for a knee and thigh massage. Ensure you choose a massager that will suit your needs.

  1. Portability

This is an important factor to consider if you intend to frequently change the position of the leg massager or even carry it along when traveling. Although most leg massagers are not very portable, some are still relatively light in weight and come with wheels for easy mobility.

  1. Size

Leg massagers are usually designed to accommodate average-sized feet, so if you have large or really small feet you should consider the size of the machine before buying. 

If you have large feet, ensure the machine you’re getting offers enough space so that you’ll have a comfortable experience. On the other hand, if you have small feet, avoid leg massagers with extra space. This is because you won’t get to experience the full effect of the kneading and vibratory actions if the massage heads are bigger than your feet.

  1. Power Source

There are electrical and manual leg massagers. They both have their benefits. If you live in an area with a poor power supply, a manual/non-electric leg massager is your best bet. 

This type is battery operated and can be used anywhere. Electric leg massagers, however, provide a more intense massage and usually have more features. This is why they are the most common type of leg massagers on the market.

  1. Massage Mechanism

Leg massagers use a variety of mechanisms or massage modes to provide the best relaxation experience. There are 3 main massage mechanisms that you should look out for. These include:

  • Vibrating Mechanism: A pad or panel within the massager produces vibrations that loosen up the muscles and relieves pain and tension.
  • Kneading Mechanism: This uses kneading discs or nodes to mimic hand movements. It provides a deeper massage than the vibrating pads.
  • Shiatsu Mechanism: This emulates the traditional Japanese massage which targets pressure points on the feet and ankles. 

Other mechanisms include oscillating massage, air pressure massage, scraping, and heated massage.

  1. Heat Function

Every massage feels a lot better when there is an application of heat. Asides from the heating function being useful during winter, it also provides a more effective massage. It helps alleviate pain faster and promotes better sleep. If you suffer from chronic pains and swelling, heat therapy is the best for you. 

  1. Speed Settings

Ensure that the leg massager has more than one speed option. It is important to be able to regulate the speed or intensity level of the machine. Depending on the pain or amount of stress, the pressure from the massager can either heal or worsen the condition. To avoid any negative impact, you need to have full control of the operation. 

  1. Warranty

There are a lot of fake and subpar products on the market. This is why you must always look out for the warranty offer and conditions before buying a leg massager. This will determine whether or not you can return it if the product proves defective and also how easy it will be to get a refund or replacement. 

  1. Price

Of course, this is the most important factor to consider before buying anything at all. Your budget will determine the type of leg massager you should buy. If you have a tight budget, you can go for a basic leg massager with a good warranty offer. 

Even if you have some extra cash, you don’t need to go overboard when buying the machine. As long as it has a good build and features that meet your needs, you’re good to go.

  1. Special Features

Some leg massagers come with advanced features such as an adaptor, cords, wheels, and LED display. Although they are not necessary, they would definitely make the machine more convenient to use. 

How to Use A Leg Massager?

Leg massagers come in different types and designs so using them can be tricky. Fortunately, they each have their user manuals. However, if you would like to know how they work before getting one, here’s a simple guide.

  • Take note of the power source. If it is electric, you need to plug it into the socket. If it is manual or battery-powered, ensure you have the right batteries and put them in.
  • Locate the power button on either the remote control or control panel and turn it on.
  • Place your legs in the machine.
  • Adjust it to suit your preferred sitting position or target area.
  • Choose a massage mode or program. This can be either vibration, kneading, shiatsu, etc.
  • If the machine comes with coverage options, choose the part you want to massage (foot, calf, ankle, knee)
  • Adjust the speed or intensity
  • Turn the machine off when you are fully relaxed. Note that leg massager machines usually have an auto shut-off feature, but in case you feel satisfied before the time is up, you can manually switch it off.


Equipment that has a therapeutic effect must be considered and mulled over carefully before they are bought. This is because they can either help or worsen the condition. A leg massager is a great machine that relieves stress from our legs and provides other health benefits in the process. 

To ensure you get the best and the safest experience, we selected the 10 Best Leg Massager Machines in India. In case you would rather make your own choice, we also provided a detailed buying guide. Enjoy healthier and toned legs!

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